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Plant Watering Instructions

To water, place hose at base of plant. Let water run slowly from hose long enough to soak the soil ball or area surrounding the roots. If your plant wilts, water enough to soak the soil/root ball, even if it isn’t a scheduled watering day.

After six weeks on this schedule, reduce all plants to watering once a week for the remainder of the season. After six weeks, plants should be able to survive on rain and one watering a week. If the plant wilts after these six weeks, give in an extra watering. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 423-5104. Thank you!

Watering Frequency (For Six Weeks)

3 Times Per Week

Container Shrubs


2 Times Per Week

Container Trees

Container Evergreens

1 Time Per Week

B & B Trees

B & B Evergreens

*Container: plastic container around soil/root ball

*B & B: burlap or fabric around soil/root ball

Sod Watering Instructions

•Water sod within one hour of unrolling it. Water each section of sod 1.5 hours. When a large enough section has been laid, begin watering that section as the remainder of sod is being laid.

•Water each section 1.5 hours the day after it is laid. •For the next week, water each section 1.5 hours every other day. •For the second week and third weeks, water each section 1.5 hours twice a week.

•For the next month after this, water thoroughly if the sod wilts, shrinks or is dry along the edges. Take special notice of areas where the sod meets sidewalks, drive ways, or pre-existing grass. If the weather is hot and dry, the sod may need 1 to 1.5 hour waterings once every week or so.

•If we receive at least an inch of rain, this can be counted as a watering. If the amount of rain is less than an inch, continue watering as scheduled.

Planting Instructions

Container Trees, Shrubs & Evergreens:

Dig a hole one foot wider than the diameter of the soil/root mass. Grasp plant near base with one whole hand and push container off with the other hand. Center plant in the hole. Plant at a depth so the soil in the ground covers the plant at the same level as the soil in the pot did. Replace soil. Water according to instructions above.

Ball and Burlap Trees & Evergreens:

Dig a hole one foot wider than the diameter of the soil/root ball. Lift the tree by the ball and place it centered in the hole. Remove strings around the ball, leaving burlap and wire on. Plant at a depth so the top of the ball will be just under soil level. (Make sure no burlap sticks out of soil.) Replace soil. Water according to the instructions above.



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