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William W. Blackmore   1919 - 2007

Blackmore Nursery has been a part of the Mason City community since 1946. William Blackmore, our founder, returned from World War II and decided to put is forestry education into practice by growing his own forest………

North Iowa became that forest. Bill Blackmore was a simple down-to-earth man, and he built a simple back-to-earth business. His philosophy was his life’s code:

•Treat your customer as your neighbor and friend

•Grow your own plants for the love of working with nature and to insure quality

•Be a contributing part of your community


Blackmore Nursery TruckIn the early 1980s Dan Cullen and Mary Connally Hardin joined Bill. Dan and Mary, as horticulturists, came naturally to the hands-on approach of Blackmore Nursery.

As Mason City became a shopping center for north central Iowa in the 1990s, we opened Blackmore Gardens on the highway across from Mercy Hospital.  We did this to reach out to a wider community from a more convenient location.  From this, our small garden we sell the plants we grow and greet our north Iowa neighbors.  These new relationships have been a real joy to us.



About Blackmore NurseryAs the new century continues we search for new plants that will flourish in our local ecosystem and strive to maintain our standard of plant quality, knowledge, and customer service. In 2007 we lost Bill Blackmore………our founder…..our mentor….the keeper of our vision…..our friend.

William W. Blackmore 1919 - 2007 Images property of Blackmore Nursery In 2010 Dan and Mary are proud and excited to bring a third generation into Blackmore Nursery. Justin Squier and Bryon Frampton have joined the company. We, at Blackmore Nursery are not always related from generation to generation……..but we are a family and a way of life. Bill is no longer with us, but we still have the same simple philosophy: Work hard, treat your customers as neighbors, keep your quality high, be apart of your community, and the rest will take care of itself.


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